Best Solo Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Solo Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Travelling solo is the right way to see the world. It allows new people into your life, and who knows what fun that could lead to? Well, talking about travel, what would be better than travelling to the largest archipelago in the world and live your conjured holiday fantasies there? Indonesia being the home to 18,110 islands, where 6,000 of them are inhibited, you will lose yourselves and escape to the ‘real world’. These places will surely be in your ‘not-to-miss’ list.

  1. Kuta, Lombok: A place which draws lots of solo travellers! It is safe for children to swim. A pristine beach with clean white sand and uncrowded waves. A beautiful picture of a rural beach, quiet and a grandiose place to set your solo mood in place. The waterfalls up North is worth exploring. There’s plenty of good surf, and even if you’re not a surfer, it’s one good place to learn. Grab a scooter and saunter around the beautiful beaches. Ambling the beach is always a first-rate option here.


  1. Raja Ampat, West Papua: One of the best scuba diving location in the world, this remote place has opened up to tourist just recently. It has hundreds of jungle-covered islands for you to explore. Grab a liveaboard dive trip and discover all the uninhabited islands like it’s not been discovered yet. The best solo trip, yeah? You have one other reason to make this island a ‘must-visit’ one as you’ll have a built-in network of friends on your journey. You’ll find beauty above and beyond its waters as well as on land and amidst the thick jungles.


  1. Gili Air island, Lombok: The Gili Air Island, one of the Gili Islands, is the most preferred by the tropical island explorer. The beaches and waters here are more lovely than Bali. The grassroots atmosphere of Gili Air is geared very much towards the budget travellers. It is a small island which can be hiked in around two and a half hours. The coconut groves provide a wide range of accommodation to suit every taste and budget. Feast your eyes on creatures like flying gurnard, frogfish and many varieties of pipefish. (Pack some food, for you’re going to be hungry.)


  1. Nusa islands, Bali: The trio Nusa Islands is just 30 minutes from mainland Bali. Located on the south-east of Indonesia’s island Bali, the island is as lavish as one expects. There are two small islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningun have proved to be major tourist attractions recently. The turquoise blue water is enough to coax the tourists to visit Nusa. Make a trip of four days to enjoy it to the fullest. It is a special visit for one who is looking for Balinese culture. Take marvellous pictures and add them to your recollections.


  1. Yoyo’s, West Sumbawa: If you’re one to explore someplace off the beaten path, this is the ideal place. Not known to many, this place has mind-boggling beauty with only a few guesthouses and restaurants. There is always people present to help you surf. There are few excellent diving and snorkelling areas too. For people who like to hike, Mt. Tambora isn’t far away! The incredible photo options and exquisite beaches are the best takeaways. Here, the gentle waves lure the visitors into being whimsical. Get ready to leave a little piece of heart here.

Indonesia is relatively safer for everyone. Do make the highlight of your lifetime enduring by making the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Come away with a renewed spirit!



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