Discover the Wildlife in Indonesia’s National Parks

Indonesia’s National Parks

The vast landscape of Indonesia’s dense and rich tropical rainforests is a gorgeous cavern waiting to be explored. Made up of around 17,500 islands, this archipelago is home to about 10% of the world’s remaining precious tropical rainforests. Most of the rainforests in Indonesia are found in four of its islands: Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and New Guinea. Sumatra is now the only place on earth where tigers, orang-utans, rhinos and elephants are all found dwelling together in the wilderness. Its various national parks dispersed along the landscape offer a wide variety of flora and fauna, along with beautiful sights to explore.

Let’s discover the wide number of national parks found in Indonesia to get you started on your journey into the wild.

Komodo National Park

Known For: Komodo Dragons

This mesmerising national park comprises the three larger islands of Komodo, Padar and Rinca, 26 smaller islands, along with the surrounding waters of the Sape Straights. Located within the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, the Komodo National Park is home to the largest lizard in the world- one of the oldest animal species, the rare Komodo Dragons. Found exclusively in these islands, the Komodo Dragons are a sight to behold, also known sometimes as the ‘last remaining dinosaurs on earth’.

Komodo National Park

The rich biodiversity of its surrounding waters along with its mesmerising landscape has earned these islands the term of the new 7th wonder of the natural world. Being a part of the Coral Triangle, its marine biodiversity is like no other, making it a top-rated destination for marine specialists, underwater photographers and divers. The corals are alive and bustling with dolphins, sharks as well as over a thousand species of fish. Several types of boat tours can be taken within the park to explore its rich beauty.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Known For: Orang-Utans

Tanjung Puting National Park

Located within the lands of Borneo, this National Park consists of over 400,000 hectares of mangrove, swamp forest, heath forest and coastal beach forest, and is home to the intriguing orang-utan primates. Conservation centres and research facilities have also been developed here for the orang-utans. This park is also home to other bizarre native species like the python, bearded pig, the pitcher plant, etc. There are also a variety of resorts close to the national park which can be easily booked prior to your visit.

The Way Kambas National Park

Known For: Sumatran Elephants

Located in the Lampung province of southern Sumatra, this National Park consists mostly of the swamp and lowland rain forest. Many critically endangered species reside in this forest, including the Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and the Sumatran rhinoceros.

The Sumatran ElephantThe park is especially well known for its elephant habitat, with various research and training centres also developed for their conservation. The visitors can also interact with the animals through the conservation and habitat areas found here.

The Ujung Kulon National Park

Known For: Javan Rhinoceros

This Park is found on the island of Java, in the province of Banten, Indonesia. The last remaining habitat of the one-horned Javan Rhinoceros, other animals such as the Bantengs, Javan Gibbons, green turtles, green peacocks, the mouse deer, barking deer, crocodiles, and jungle fowl are also found here. The landscape is a combination of undulating low-rise hills and plateaus, riddled with coastal dunes and lagoons.

Kerinci Seblat National Park 

Known For: Rare Sumatran Tigers

Spanning along the coastal plains of Western Sumatra, this beautiful National Park is home to the wildest fauna of Indonesia. You can delve into the deep river valleys and scrounge up the Barisan Mountains to discover the vast wildlife that hides in its terrain. This is Sumatra’s largest national park, filled with adventures and mysteries in the wild.

It is home to the endangered Sumatran tiger, along with various other wildlife such as the elephants, tapirs, bears, loaded leopards, gibbons, etc. It also consists of the highest active volcano of Southeast Asia, Gunung Kerinci, and attracts many tourists who come exclusively to scale it and enjoy the breath-taking view from the summit.

Indonesia is a combination of various surreal factors that make it seem like a giant, gaping myth. The endless possibilities to explore, the spectacular sights and luxurious resorts offer a truly unforgettable experience. Make Indonesia your next travel destination, and promise yourself the holiday of a lifetime.





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