Explore the Unexplored in Goan Backwaters

Crocodile Cruising in the Backwaters

Mesmerizing beaches, world heritage listed architecture, attractive and groovy night clubs make Goa a paradise for tourists from all over the world. Apart from this hustle-bustle, Goa, being located on the Western Ghats, is also a place for flora and fauna lovers.

Goa offers a variety of adventure sports and water activities. Along with the beach games, the most enthralling element of Goa tourism is the Crocodile Spotting Activities and Bird Watching. The Camburjua Channel off the Zuari River is the perfect destination to look for these crocodiles.

Crocodile Cruising in the Backwaters

Yes, you read that right, if you love crocodiles, you need not rush to Australia. Goa fulfils all such adventurous desires of animal mongers. Goa’s backwaters are natural habitats of some of the most ravenous crocodiles, namely Crocodylus Palustris or the Mugger Crocodiles. Going by history, the Portuguese brought these crocodiles from Mozambique to Old Goa and kept them in Fort Aguada to stop prisoners from fleeing away. Ever since they have made the Goa backwaters their home.

Some Amazing Facts

  • Mugger Crocodiles are usually found in freshwaters, though in Goa they have adapted themselves to survive in saline waters.
  • They feed majorly on sick fish, crabs and birds.
  • It is considered as a medium-sized crocodile but has the broadest snout among living crocodilians.
  • They can be huge in size, approximately 4-5 metres in length.

Are you already booking your tickets?  Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the world’s most fierce and carnivorous predators. Early morning is the best time to watch the crocodiles soaking the sunlight in the calm waters. A selfie with majestic crocodiles is definitely something to cherish for a lifetime.

Birdwatching in Goa

While searching for the lazy crocodiles hanging around with their heads outside the water, you can also gaze around the beautiful birds. Goa is home to around 450 species of birds, including 13 of 24 species endemic to the Western Ghats. If you are lucky, you can spot various species of birds including Pariah Kites, Stork Bellied Kingfishers, Black-Capped Kingfishers, Egrets, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Ospreys, Brahminy Kites, the Common Sandpiper, and many more. The surroundings are full of chirpings of exotic birds and crackling of the river, which is truly a delight for Ornithologists. Make sure to carry your camera and notebook to record the precious moments and the unforgettable trip with these lovely creatures.

Let’s further talk about the uniqueness of bird watching activities:

  • Looking for birds help in improving the patience level in individuals.
  • It can be very soothing to listen to the voices of some unique birds which are lost in the concrete jungles of cities.
  • According to the research, bird watching is quite a meditative experience, relieving tensions and giving solace in a fast-moving
  • Presence of beautiful birds around us helps in developing an appreciation for nature.

If fine feathered friends are your hobby, or even if you are a novice, there are many places in Goa which can satisfy your inner passions. Carambolim Lake, Morjim Beach, Colva Beach, Bondla Sanctuary are the locations where you can find these wonderful fellows.

Further, a feather on the cap is the mangroves present all around the water bodies. Goa is home to 45 species of mangroves. Mangroves help the fishermen as they avoid tidal surges. A boat ride is the most suitable option for people of all age groups, especially children, for a day full of adventure and happiness. Soak in the scenic beauty while enhancing your knowledge about the wildlife in the city.

After coming back from Goa, you will definitely treasure the time spent in these natural surroundings. And keep looking back at the pictures and the memories created for your lifetime. So get ready for your Zoological retreat in Goa this time you visit.



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