Fire Dances to Waterfalls – Rare Travel Experiences in Bali

Fire Dances to Waterfalls in Bali

An island full of fantasy elements which goes beyond natural beauty to deliver the most picture-perfect experiences, that’s Bali! Whether you are a visiting professional or a moody tourist, there are a lot of fun-filled avenues to spend time, and the best part is that everything you do somehow meets the sea. Bali is an active and adventurous island with many trails for hiking and biking. Put simply, the more time you spend, the better.

Now let’s take a sneak-peek into the exciting things to do in this haven right from ancient monuments, hikes, beaches, to culture, history, nightlife, and excellent food. A blend of all this makes up some of the most engrossing experiences of being in Bali.

Fire Dance at the Uluwatu Temple Cliff

Tourists visiting here usually stay till dusk to witness the dramatic sunsets coupled with the Kecak fire dance performance at the amphitheatre. A cluster of over-energetic gentlemen, wearing checked clothes, dancing amid fire in the state of trance while singing to the rhythms of Ramayana above a cliff just ends your day with a smell of heavenly spirit. At the base of the cliff, you can always witness a bunch of surfers in their wetsuits, riding over majestic waves sucker-punching at the feet of the cliff. This place is one of the best-known surfing spots internationally, a perfect place to pick up the sport.

Thrilling water sports in the crystal clear sea

A washed coral free sea with crystal clear water does add a soothing shade to an otherwise pumped-up trip. The Seminyak Beach is relatively free of corals which makes it much easy to step into the water and enjoy the beach in its entirety. Currents at this beach are relatively strong, so you might want to skip over swimming. The small cafés about the shore bring inexpensive food to your table after your surreal dip of tranquillity ashore.

Thrilling water sports

If you also want to experience the fast-paced beach experience, then there is a water sporting facility at a nearby beach. The thrilling experience of snorkelling among coral reef will linger by your side forever. There is scuba diving with the professionals, Jet Skiing, parasailing, and much more to do. Do make sure to hire a paparazzo to later light up your Instagram with underwater photos.


Breathtaking Sunrise Views at Mt. Batur

Sunrise Views at Mt. Batur

Hike at the Mt. Batur usually starts at around 2 am in the morning, and you reach the top before sunrise. The sun here rises behind another mountain, and you’re already above the morning clouds, the setting is truly beautiful. It’s a spectacular view with the sun rising right in front of your naked eyes. Carry your thermos as it gets quite chilly in the early morning on the top of the mountain and beware of the local monkeys, they are everywhere!


A Steep Climb to Serenity – Nungnung Waterfalls

Nungnung Waterfalls

Bali lodges the perfect balance between nature and humanity. The humanity brings advancement and the nature hoes up picturesque scenic beauties. A tough climb through the stairway at Nungnung rewards its troupers with a teary-eyed view of heaven. The waterfall atop the hill is soothing, and the woods around are dense and thick. The air is composed, and the surrounding fill itself with the sound of a powerful waterfall. One can easily swim in the water as it is shallow, and the falling water is even more enticing once you reach closer to the base.

Be it a group of college friends, honeymooners, solo adrenaline junkies, shopaholics, foodies, or a family with kids, Bali still remains the first choice for an exotic vacation! You can always find tourists humming to the tunes of “Thanks for the memories” as a tribute, and they all leave with the plans to come back sometime.


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