The Bali Swing – A Comprehensive Guide For Travellers

Bali Swing

Bali, the Indonesian Island, is like a beautiful postcard coming to life. From lush forests and stunning waterfalls to scenic rice terraces, picturesque beaches, enigmatic temples and fragrant cuisine, Bali has it all! The variety of tourist destinations in Bali is rivalled by the variety of ways in which you can explore them.

Apart from the usual ways of sightseeing, a unique way to enjoy the exquisite landscape of Bali is quickly becoming very popular- Tourists from various corners of the world are discovering the joy of the Bali Swings! But wait, there is a lot to know about what to expect and how to go about it, before planning a trip around the Bali swings:

The Bali Swing, Ubud

The Bali Swing, Ubud

This is the original Bali Swing, in Bongkasa Pertiwi, also known as the Bali Swing, Ubud. About 20 mins outside the quaint town of Ubud, here you will find the Bali Swing Park, home to 15 single swings and 3 tandem swings of varying heights. The most daring one hangs at the height of 78 meters above the ground, but there are also others hanging at a modest height of 10 meters.

The swings allow you to be suspended between two sturdy palm trees and pump yourself high into the sky while taking in the breath-taking views of nature below. There are many views to choose from – you can choose a natural view of tropical jungles, a daring cliff and canyon view, a symmetric plantations view, or a romantic river view. Choose the location of the swing ride, depending on the kind of sight you would prefer. The setting of the Bali Swing Park makes sure you have a memorable experience no matter which of the 15 swings you ride.

Photography at the Bali Swing

The Bali Swing owes its popularity to Instagrammers whose photographs catapulted it to fame. Take it from the experienced photographers and wear bright coloured dresses so that you stand out amongst the green of the Balinese forest, in your photographs. The park offers a photography service for people who’d like their pictures professionally taken. You can even find a floaty dress for rent, in case you forget to pack one so that you look your best while on the swing.

Photography at the Bali Swing

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Best Time to Visit

It is best to avoid the months of December and January, as these are usually the wettest months of the year. In terms of the best time of the day, although the park is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, it is best to arrive as soon as the gates open to avoid a big queue and make most of the soft morning light for photography.

Other Popular Swings

The Tegalalang Swings: These swings are located in the village of Tegalalang, north of Ubud, adjacent to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

The Uma Pakel Swing offers incredible jungle views. It also has a hummingbird nest built for photography purposes.

The Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing offers beautiful plantations views. There are two single swings here.

The Terrace River Pool Swing is located at Jalan Raya Ceking of Tegalalang. There are 15 swings here, one of which is a tandem swing, hanging 45 meters above the ground. The highest swing here hangs 60 metres above the ground. There are also various nest shaped photo spots here.

Aloha Ubud Swing: Close to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, 5 km from the Arjuna Statue of Ubud, you will find five single swings here, ranging from 10 to 60 metres above the ground.  Image source:

These offer one of the best views of the rice terrace gardens. You’ll also find human-sized nests here, where you can take some mesmerizing photos.


Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing

This is a huge park with many accessible viewpoints, ziplines and nests. The park is divided into various stations, each with a bamboo lookout point, beautiful nests and a swing. This park is unique because of its bamboo platforms and photogenic swings. This place is a short drive up from Bedugul and is located in the mountainous region of Bali.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing


The Bali Swing is a traveller’s paradise with the best of adventure, romantic getaways and photography opportunities, rolled into one. Even if you are not the adventurous type, but still want to enjoy the beauty of the place, there are places and packages available at the swing park, for you to enjoy yourself in your own way.



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