Things to know before you visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud

Ubud Monkey Forest

If you are travelling to Bali, then one of the most popular attractions thronged by both domestic and global tourists is the Ubud Monkey Forest. Also referred to as the Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, this monkey forest is the natural habitat of Balinese long-tailed monkeys. This sanctuary or nature reserve also has a Hindu temple, which is why it gets its official name as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

How to reach the Ubud Monkey Forest?

It’s quite easy to reach the sacred monkey forest, and one can reach via various routes as well. For instance, one can use the path from the central town of Ubud, or the eastern corner of Ubud or even from the southern part of Ubud. The distance from Kuta is about 55 km, from Sanur it’s around 40 km, and about 65 km from the Nusa Dua area. You need to ask for the Jalan Hanoman or Jalan Monkey Forest, which is the Monkey Forest Street or the main street that goes through Ubud. Go on this road till you reach the Sacred Monkey Forest.

When is the Monkey Forest Open for Tourists?

The Ubud monkey forest opens for visitors every day from 8:30 am until 6 pm. It’s better if you visit earlier in the day, as the temperatures are favourable earlier and there’s less rush too. Note that tickets are available for sale only till 5:30 pm, as that is the last permissible entrance timing. However, the best time to visit this monkey sanctuary is around 14:00. By this time, most of the monkeys get fed by the previous visitors and thus, they are not much aggressive or hungry.

What are the Ticket Charges?

The entrance ticket for adults is 80,000 Indonesian Rupiahs which is approximately $6, and for kids, it is 60,000 rupiahs which is about $4.50. You can buy bananas in front of the monkey forest. A bunch of bananas are available at 45,000 rupiahs or $3.25.

Some Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

A visit to the famous Ubud Monkey Forest should never be done without proper planning and caution. It is recommended that you read about it, gain an understanding of what you must do and what you should avoid before you go there.

  • You can have a pleasant time there if you stay mindful of the guidelines and remember that these are wild animals and not pets.
  • For the safety and convenience of visitors, you must follow the “Monkey Forest Tips” written and placed around the sanctuary.
  • If you are carrying a bag or a plastic bottle, it’s better to deposit it at the ticket counter.
  • Usually, monkeys won’t come to you unless you get bananas or any other food item. If you wish to feed the monkeys, you should be very careful. For example, in case you are giving some food or bananas to a monkey, and they come to take it, then never pull it back.
  • Remember not to feed peanuts, bread or biscuits, or any other snacks to monkeys as these food items are not good for their health.
  • To conserve the forest and the monkeys, you should keep the area, the wildlife, and the environment clean and not litter anything.  

Guidelines for visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest

Many guidelines are put in place for your safety while you visit the monkey forest. Some of them are:

  • Never run
  • Do not panic
  • Never look at a monkey in the eye
  • Do not try to hide food
  • Do not carry a paper or plastic bag
  • Take care of your belongings as monkeys could snatch anything
  • Do not disturb or touch the monkeys, especially do not try to touch the babies, as the mothers get defensive
  • Do not feed any human snacks like peanuts, bread, cookies, candy, etc. Only bananas are okay
  • Supervise the children with you at all times. Please remember that wild animals are mostly unpredictable

Forest Tours 

The forests’ primate residents – monkeys are the most popular attraction here, besides ancient temples, lush dense forest, and more than 186 species of trees. One could meander through the sacred site and quietly observe the monkeys in action or take some photos from a safe distance, without disturbing them. You can also explore the ancient 14th-century temples, thronged by the Hindu community as places of worship.

Most forest tours in the Ubud monkey forest include a halt at the forest sanctuary first, then a visit to some other popular attractions like the Ubud Palace, Goa Gajah Temple, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Kintamani Volcano, etc.





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