Luxurious Self-Isolation Stories of the Super-Rich!

Luxurious self-isolation

Living in our own house can be fun, but for the wanderers of the world, it becomes sluggish after a while. As we grapple with an uncertain future due to the monstrosity of this COVID-19 virus, the suspense ahead has turned us locked in our own homes. We all have some time, or the other fantasized about being stuck in an isolated place, for a few precious days, away from the hustle and bustle of life. The intricacies of such isolation eluded us every time. How would we ensure our food supply? Who would finance it?

Life inside the super-luxury yacht

super-luxury yacht

The ‘Rising Sun’ has been in the Caribbean since mid-November, sailing back and forth between Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines since February. No, I’m not talking about “The Sun”. I’m talking about the super-luxury yacht, “Rising Sun”, built by oracle corporation, loaded with all the necessary and semi-vital amenities like gym, cinema, wine cellar et cetera, a perfect place for complete isolation. Imagine being under the lacerated sky during sunset, waiting for the night to fall without any worries of the world which stands paused during the times of emergency while you gallivant amid the Atlantic Ocean.

David Geffen’s ultra-luxury isolation story

David Geffen, an American billionaire, flaunted his lush isolation from the entire world over his 138-metre-long ultra-luxury superyacht. Almost like a small moving luxury city with all the amenities set in place. Right from basketball courts to Jacuzzi spas in the staterooms, these are well equipped with spas, treatment rooms,mini-hospitals, private nurses, oxygen tanks, specialized medications, machines for injuries and a lot more. Most superyachts also use telemedical services to monitor a medical crisis with an emergency room doctor directly. Many of these yachts have supplies for long-range cruising; the yacht systems are well-equipped to support them for months at a time.

Social Media buzz on “Instagrammable Isolation”

Geffen’s Instagram post message was clear, the pandemic is affecting different economic classes unequally, and I will do what I can do best, he later deleted the post. Fans across the social media platforms chose to whine about it and interpret it quite differently. Not just Geffen, who chose to announce it. Other rich are also set to sit out the coronavirus pandemic, making it less publicly available information. Booking luxury yachts for months to linger in remote locations far from any human contact, but family. Without giving up the luxury of travelling, it’s just the ability to outlast it for the time. This fashion of “Instagrammable Isolation” also varies to certain degrees of freedom. Take a good look at Instagram, fluctuating level of prosperity calls for different approaches to moulding your isolation into something envious. Be it going to a second home or to the country-side farmhouse, the wealthy have multiple ways to park their glamorous social distancing somehow on social media.

However, various stories have emerged of the uber-rich hopping on private jets and isolating on board a luxury yacht. But given the various travel restrictions across the world, people are being instructed to “stay at home”. As per sources, only a limited number of private yacht owners have selected to isolate on their yachts. As per the yacht sources, those who are isolating on their yachts aren’t actually moving. Instead, they’re “sticking to an island group where they can receive air freight provisions” and plan to remain there until the global restrictions are lifted.  Currently, taking a trip on a yacht is against the present “stay at home” instructions in place across the world. Many of those who’ve sailed off to various destinations such as the Caribbean and the South Pacific would probably have done so before the restrictions were put in place.

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