The Joy of the Vacation Lost and Found – Our Story!

Joy of the Vacation

Doesn’t the thought of a lovely vacation make your heart flutter in delight? Your retreats with your loved ones are a way for you to take a step back from the monotony of life and to enjoy the beauty of the world. You wouldn’t want anything to jolt you back to reality from your state of bliss. You want to remember the trip for all the right reasons. With our travel agency, you shall have a luxury vacation planned out for you, as we share your zeal and enthusiasm, so that you enjoy every moment of it and end your vacation feeling revived and content.

A trip to remember! 

The one thing you wish for while planning your trip is for there to be no glitches. However, a simple mistake at times can bring your pleasurable trip to a crashing halt. Mr. Tarun Goel, who entrusted us with the planning of his trip, would have had the most unpleasant vacation had it not been for our dedicated and prompt team. Mr. Goel, had planned a vacation to Thailand with his wife with our travel company in October. It was a five-day vacation where they would visit Pattaya and Bangkok. They stayed at the Grand Tulip Hotel in Pattaya and visited the various tourist attractions including the Alcazar Cabaret Show.

Joy of getting the lost purse back!

On one such tour of the Coral islands in Pattaya, Mrs. Goel realized that she had misplaced her wallet in one of the taxies they had hired. This drove them to a state of panic. Not knowing how to retrieve the wallet, they contacted our travel desk and briefed us about the situation, and sought our help. We coordinated with our supplier, Panorama Destination, and got in touch with the driver who drove them to the spot and retrieved the wallet. The sound of relief in their voices when we told them that we had found the wallet was evident! They enjoyed the rest of the trip peacefully, knowing that they had got back the wallet which contained their ID proof, cash and other important papers. The trip would definitely have left a sour taste in Mr and Mrs. Goel’s mouths had they lost their wallet. We were glad that we could do whatever was in our power to retrieve her wallet for her, knowing how important it must have been for them.

“Big Thanks to all of you for making my trip Memorable and Luxurious.” –Mr. and Mrs. Goel.

At Luxury Travel Deals, your comfort is our priority. When you plan your vacation with us be assured that we will always go the extra mile to make your vacation memorable. Your problems are our concern, and we use all our resources to solve them for you. After working long hours, almost every day of the week, a getaway is what revives you, and you should be able to enjoy every moment of your trip. It is our job to ensure that you enjoy your trip and get the best kind of hospitality and service as a cherry on the cake!