Virtual Travel Escapes in the time of COVID-19

Virtual Travel Escapes in Covid-19

COVID-19 has stopped the world in its tracks. Educational institutions are shut, offices are closed for business, and mass transportation is grounded. People across the globe are either in self-isolation or mandatory quarantine. Thousands of holidays have been postponed or cancelled.

Being in self-isolation needn’t translate to a redundant bucket list. Every adversity brings new opportunities in the most unexpected places. This time it is technology to the rescue. Virtual travel experiences are gaining ground in the time of COVID-19 via the medium of Virtual Reality or VR technology. Travel companies are embracing this technology to offer an alternate travel experience in the current global lockdown.

Here is a list of great VR travel experiences to fulfil your wanderlust and pull you out of self-isolation blues.

Visit Museums and Art Galleries 

A great way to get your cultural fix during social distancing, VR tours give you 360-degree views of mesmerising collections of artefacts at world-famous museums. Google Art and Culture offers VR tours of top museums around the world. Art aficionados can brighten their quarantine days with magical VR tours of world-class art galleries. Are you in the mood of exploring The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Musee D’Orsay in Paris, The Guggenheim, or Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam? Have you always longed to see the enchanting Mona Lisa, historical Egyptian Antiquities, and Renaissance art exhibitions at The Louvre in Paris? Grab this opportunity to appreciate famous artwork in various genres up close, while relaxing on your couch at home.

Harmony with Nature

Whether its day 6, or day 17 of self-isolation, staying indoors is stifling. Spring is here; the ideal time to drive away social distancing blues with beautiful views of nature coming alive. Take guided VR walks in lush green landscapes of botanical gardens, national parks, and safaris. There are many epic tours to choose from such as the fascinating Yosemite National Park, USA, the gorgeous National Orchid Garden in Singapore, the picture-perfect rainforest in Hawaii, and exhilarating journeys into the African wild.

Life-like Musical Journeys

Music has always been a divine distraction during times of crisis. COVID-19 has brought together many musicians around the world who are streaming their talents live on various social media and VR platforms. Transform your living room into a magical night at the opera and get front row seats to the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD series streaming online. Symphonies around the world are streaming live performances online. Soak up the stunning performances of the orchestra at the Philharmonie, Berlin, or the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Virtual Tour of Famous Buildings and Monuments

Get a feel of actually being in the places you love by experiencing panoramic views of world-famous landscapes and monuments while staying home. Virtual experiences of iconic buildings like the Buckingham Palace in London and historical landscapes like Machu Pichu in Peru are gaining great pace during this pandemic. VR sites, like Uswitch, offer some of the most beautiful and detailed VR tours of famous landmarks. Enjoy spectacular views of The Great Wall of China; walk the Ground Floor corridor rooms and State Rooms of the White House, the USA which hosts royalty from all over the world. Pro walk tours have VR videos on YouTube that give you a 360-degree view of the world’s most iconic monument, the Colosseum, in Rome.

Virtual Adventure Trails

Need that adrenaline rush while staying home? VR technology brings you adventurous VR experiences taking you on an epic, mind-boggling journey of explorers who climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Virtually ascend the trail from base camp right up to the peak of the mountain. Want more of the rush? Get a virtual 360-degree cliff diving experience in Croatia’s blue waters.

Although VR technology has been around for many years now, especially in the gaming industry, it has given travellers a new way to explore the world in this current world crisis. While Staying safe and healthy is the top priority at this time, prolonged self-isolation may dampen your spirits. Get inspired to take a VR journey into the wonders of the world and take care of your mind, body, and soul in this period of global lockdown.