Love Beach sports? Head to the Water Sports Hub – Goa

Beach Sports

From the alluring serenity of Dudhsagar waterfalls to the charismatic Calangute beach, Goa offers you the finest chance to experience some of the most mesmerizing wonders of nature. The perfect blend of varying cuisines, historical learning, cultural diversity and sublime landscape in Goa, gives you more than everything you crave for in a perfect tour.

In addition to fascinating sites that cajole you into making memories of a lifetime, Goa, because of its long coast and astonishing beaches, is also a hotspot for people who have their heart set on thrilling water sports. The smallest state of India invigorates you by giving you a feeling of intense excitement through a variety of water sports. Here’s a list of some of the best.


Wakeboarding offers a captivating experience as you dash through the air, gliding on water, atop a wakeboard attached to the back of a motorboat. A mix of water skiing and surfing, the sport requires the art of balancing to perform different manoeuvres. The tranquil sea and cloudless sky from October to May in Goa can make wakeboarding an unforgettable souvenir in your tour.

Expert Level: Moderate (May need some training)

The best places to enjoy the sport are Candolim and Mobor beach in Goa.


To tide over sea waves with the air as your companion, windsurfing is a must for water aficionados. Get on a windsurf board, as the sail powers you through the waves. The delight in navigating your way through the challenging sea makes you resort to this sport several times. The best-suited conditions for windsurfing in Goa start from May and remain till October.

Expert Level: High – It can take at least a few tries before you get it right.

Dona Paula Bay is the perfect place for windsurfing.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving presents you with a chance to interact with the biodiversity that lies underwater. Colourful aquatics and astounding corals welcome you as you leave the noise of the world out.  Dive into the world so different yet so surreal as you hear the sound of water bubbles. The list of equipment includes an apparatus for breathing underwater, a mask for better vision and some dials and gauges. Take an underwater camera to take a selfie with your coral friends.

Expert Level: High – You may need some training.

Places like Baga beach, Grande Island, Suzy’s wreck offer the best scuba diving experience.


Ever wondered how the birds feel when they soar in the sky, capturing every beautiful sight in their eyes? Well, parasailing gives you a chance to experience it yourself. Towed behind a motorboat with a parachute on your back, you will be lifted in the air as the boat speeds through the waters. The dioramic view of the scenic beauty of Goa experienced from the height will help you tick an item off your bucket list.

Expert Level: Low

Majonda beach, Colva beach, Vagator beach are some of the best places to experience parasailing.


Energetic, ebullient, lively, vivacious, is what best defines the experience of recently introduced water sport of flyboarding. The strong propulsion generated through the jet ski lifts your flyboard in the air and gives you an enthusiastic adventure with the adrenaline rush that you covet. Your feet are strapped on the flyboard, thereby reducing the chances of injury to minimal.

Expert Level: Low to Moderate – You may need a bit of practice before you start enjoying the sport.

Though in the nascent stages, you can find this sport on Baina beach and Chapora beach in Goa.

White Water Rafting

Apart from individual water sports, Goa has a range of sports that require a team effort. The best of the lot is surely White Water Rafting. You, along with others, will be required to raft your boat through a series of challenges posed by the waters that will test the ‘Espirit De Corps’ of your team. To make sure you enjoy the experience better, life jackets take care of your safety.

Expert Level: Moderate

White water rafting can be superlatively enjoyed on Mhadei river and Tilari river in Goa.

Give yourself a break from regular chores of professional life by taking a recreational tour to Goa. With the pinch of excitement offered by water sports in Goa, you can rest assured of an exciting and action-packed break. Plan your trip today, and don’t forget to include at least some of these water sports.